04 December 2021
Development of Water Facilities in Local Village
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The people of Kindiki Village, Ulilin District, gave a warm welcome filled with respect and gratitude to PT Bio Inti Agrindo for carrying out CSR activities in the form of the construction of clean water facilities which had been eagerly anticipated for quite a while by the community in meeting daily needs.

Their show of gratitude was expressed simply through the welcoming of the President Director of PT BIA, Muting Police Chief, Village Head, Community Leaders, Representatives of PT.BIA Management and the entire Kindiki Village community.

The village community was very enthusiastic about participating in the event because so far, accessing clean water would reach up to ± 3km from the residents' housing. But following the construction of clean water facilities, the residents can enjoy clean water directly from each of their houses.

The construction of clean water facilities was carried out after PT BIA was invited to take part in the meeting for village – level development planning in which during the deliberations for the development planning village community requested PT BIA to build clean water facilities in the village. This was realized after a field survey was conducted by PT BIA from 6 – 7 May 2021 and official construction began on 22 September 2021 with support from the local community who were also involved in the development work, and on 22 November 2021 Clean Water facilities were handed over to the Kindiki Village residents. As of this article, clean water facilities can be accessed directly by 91 families with a total of 455 individuals.

In his speech, President Director Mr. Kong Byoung Sun officially handed over the clean water facilities to the people of Kindiki Village so as to meet the local residents’ needs for clean water.

The head of Kindiki Village Mr. Fabianus Y.Kaize expressed his deep gratitude to PT BIA in implementing, not only a plasma plantation program, but also CSR programs for the local communities and other empowerment programs carried out across the village such as the construction of clean water facilities as well as economic programs. Hopefully, PT BIA will continue its empowerment programs in Kindiki Village.

On the same occasion, Muting Police Chief Ipda M.Hamado expressed his gratitude to the President Director of PT BIA who had been present during this occasion and delivered a message stating that he hopes the clean water facilities that had been built would serve the people of the village and that thevillagers could maintain and carefully care for the facilities moving forward.

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