We turn our NDPE Policy into action through a clear and tangible work plan every year.

Every year, we establish an implementation work plan to turn our NDPE Policy into action. A progress report of such implementation will be published annually for the cognizance of our stakeholders.

2023 NDPE Policy Implementation

POSCO INTERNATIONAL’s new palm oil policy is accompanied by a time-bound implementation work plan for PT BIA operation in Papua, Indonesia. This plan is aimed at providing stakeholders with a high-level overview of major activities and include a summary of activities that will be carried out in 2023. PT.BIA will publish annual progress reports on the delivery of this implementation plan.

Policy, Systems and Management Release NDPE Implementation Plan for the year 2023      
Pursue continuous awareness-raising activities to ensure compliance with NDPE policy among plasma smallholders and outgrowers.
- Update the supply chain check list and monitor external supply chains.
Establish direction for implementing NDPE policy from a mid-to long-term perspective.      
Enviromental Conservation and management Continue compliance with RSPO Best Management Practices (BMP) for sustainable agriculture management and prohibition of chemical usage in riparian zones.
Strengthen conservation efforts for biodiversity in the 6,718 hectares of High Conservation Value (HCV) areas within the concession.
Continue implementing environmental conservation program beyond the concession
Establish a roadmap for greenhouse gas emissions management.      
   Establish a systematic water management system.
- Conduct periodic water quality inspections and audits, and disclose
the results to stakeholders.
- Continue to disclose and monitor water usage and POME treatment
processes related to palm oil production.
  Strengthen pre-emptive measures such as employee and community education/training to prevent fire incidents.  
Protection of and Respect for Human Rights Continue providing training programs to enhance the capacity of employees.
Continue communication activities aimed at providing local communities information on environmental conservation programs beyond the concession area.
Enhance the capacity of the industrial safety and health management team and maintain ISO 45001 certification.    
Implement community programs aimed at improving the quality of life of local residents.  
  Encourage women's participation in various committees to establish a culture of social equality and respect for diversity.  
Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Actively respond to registered grievances and disclose the resolution progress.    
Continue to strengthen collaboration with stakeholders to minimize negative environmental and social impacts of palm oil production.
- Implement new programs to enhance economic self-sufficiency
among local communities.
Publish an annual activity report that includes the progress on NDPE implementation, and increase the accessibility of information to stakeholders.