Occupational Health & Safety

For PT BIA, the health and safety of its workers is second to none. Everyday our workers who operate in our mills, plantations, and waste management adhere to strict health and safety standards. All of our workers wear the necessary gear such as the Company’s official uniform, safety helmets, and gloves among others, all of which are important when dealing with heavy machinery, products produced at high temperatures, and the handling of hazardous chemicals.

To further improve and strengthen our implementation of proper OHS procedures, PT BIA has also achieved ISO 45001 certification where their guidelines has enabled us to provide a safe, healthy and secure working environment for all of our employees

In addition, all of our staff members have received OHS training and their families having received dissemination of information pertaining to PT BIA’a OHS procedures.

Furthermore, due to the last two years of the Covid-19 Pandemic, strict safety protocols have been enforced across our entire operations and the local residents pertaining to clean and healthy living as well as people-to-people interactions.