Water & Waste Management

PT BIA is committed to carrying out proper water and waste management. The Company’s plantations are fed via surface water and we do not make use of irrigation. Our concession’s water sources are integral to the function of the plantation and the local communities surrounding us as well and it is due to this fact we maintain high standards with regard to maintaining high water quality. We ensure the proper recycling and reusing of water for continued efficiency.

POME or Palm Oil Mill Effluent is wastewater that is produced as a result of operating palm oil activities. The management of POME is integral to our waste management process wherein we make use of POME as fertilizer for our plantations.

Our water and waste management procedures is in line with the regulations set out by the Indonesian government (please see regulations numbers 3, 81, 97, and 101)

The reduction of pesticides and herbicides is crucial to PT BIA’s land management practices. In accordance with RSPO standards, PT BIA references the World Health Organization’s Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazards and Guidelines to Classification which use to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals.

192,234 m3

Water Consumption PKS 1

Source Data: JAN – AUG 2022

445,333 m3

Water Consumption PKS 2

Source Data: JAN – AUG 2022

22,391 m3

Land Application implementation by PKS 1

Source Data: JAN – AUG 2022

182,326 m3

POME Produced by PKS 1

271,302 m3

POME produced by PKS 2

21 Tonnes

Hazardous Waste