Fire Management

Wildfires pose a constant threat for agribusinesses across Indonesia. They also pose a danger to our employees, their families, to the local communities and can also be the catalyst for loss of biodiversity. It is because of this that PT BIA has maintained a strong stance in its fight against wildfires.

As issued in our NDPE Policy, the use of burning techniques to clear land and any sort of activity associated with plantation development. In addition to this, we are also committed to preventing and mitigating fires in and outside our concession.

Our concession is readily equipped with all of the latest equipment and technology required to combat wildfires in the area. The Company is aware of the dangers posed by fires and so we continuously strive to improve and strengthen our existing fire system so as to be able to increase our preparations. PT BIA has trained dozens employee in certified safety officer. Emergency response personnel that are prepared to deploy immediately following the detection of a hotspot.

We realize that tackling fires by relying on our strength alone will not suffice in the long run and so we have devised a long-term solution in the form of community collaborations and socializations. We provide training and education for our associated smallholders as well the local communities on fire prevention and mitigation procedures by launching the formation of a smallholders and villagers fire fighting association so that they may be prepared to combat fires alongside the Company’s own team as well as independently. Additionally, we are also the main providers of their equipment and fire-fighting infrastructure.