Climate Action

In this modern era, the most daunting challenge for many agricultural companies worldwide is the reality of climate change. As a palm oil company, PT BIA’s operations, specifically its mills, contribute to the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. It is for this reason that PT BIA has committed the necessary infrastructure and systems in place to combat and tackle the difficulties posed by climate change

The entirety of our NDPE implementation and sustainability actions in general have all contributed to a significant reduction in GHG emissions (greenhouse gas emissions) across our entire operation.

Our efforts to reduce GHG emissions include reducing the use of pesticides in order to further reduce the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (NO2) into the atmosphere, responsible water and waste management as part of our overall action to manage the Company’s water footprint.

GHG Calculator RSPO Mill 1

GHG Calculator RSPO Mill 2

Update: AUG 2022