Biodiversity & Conservation

With its rich biodiversity, Indonesia is home to thousands of unique flora and fauna across its many islands and our Company’s conservation area is no exception to this. Our conservation area is rich in unique rare, threatened, and endangered (RTE) species such as various avifauna, herpetofauna, and mammal species and their protection and conservation is of the utmost priority for us. PT BIA strictly prohibits the hunting of these endemic fauna as well as the illegal exploitation of the local plant life.

In line with our NDPE Policy and through our best management practices, we continuously maintain our conservation area’s ecological functions. Our activities include regular patrols by our conservation team and monitoring via trap cameras and other tools. We make sure to document the types of species that inhabit our conservation area.In addition, we have also made it our goal to raise awareness amongst the employee and local communities towards the importance of preserving the biodiversity of the conservation area and its ecosystems. It’s clearly stated at PTBIA’s Conservation Commitment.

Management and Monitoring evaluation HCV 1-6 PT BIA:

6,718 Ha HCV Management Area

Protected fauna data

1 Belibis Tutul Dendrocygna guttata LC (Least Concern)
2 Tiong Lampu Biasa Eurystomus orientalis LC (Least Concern)
3 Kuntul Besar Ardea Alba LC (Least Concern)
4 Mino Muka Kuning Mino dumontii LC (Least Concern)
5 Nuri Pipi Merah Geoffroyus geoffroyi LC (Least Concern)
6 Cikukua Tanduk Philemon buceroides LC (Least Concern)
7 Trulek Topeng Vanellus miles LC (Least Concern)
8 Nuri Aru Chalcopsitta scintillata LC (Least Concern)
9 Cekakak Rimba Halcyon macleayii LC (Least Concern)
10 Kakatua Koki Cacatua galerita LC (Least Concern)
11 Elang Alap Kelabu Accipiter novaehollandiae LC (Least Concern)
12 Cangak Laut Ardea Sumatrana LC (Least Concern)
13 Srigunting Lencana Dicrurus bracteatus LC (Least Concern)
14 Cica Papua Merah Pomatostomus Temporalis LC (Least Concern)
15 Perling Maluku Aplonis Mysolensis LC (Least Concern)
16 Pitohui Hitam Pitohui nigrescens LC (Least Concern)
17 Kehicap Tutul Monarcha Guttula LC (Least Concern)
18 Pergam Zoe Ducula Zoeae LC (Least Concern)
19 Cendrawasih Besar Paradisaea apoda VU (Vulnerable) UU no 5 Tahun 1990 Tentang Konservasi SDA Dan PP no 7 tahun 1999 Tentang pengawetan Tumbuhan dan satwa
20 Pergam Pinon Ducula Pinon LC (Least Concern)
21 Peltops Hutan Peltops bianvillii LC (Least Concern)
22 Meliphaga Semak Meliphaga albonatata LC (Least Concern)
23 Walik Perut Jingga Ptilinopus iozonus LC (Least Concern)
24 CIKUKUA TANDUK Phileman buceroides LC (Least Concern)
25 Cendrawasih Kecil Paradiseae Minor LC (Least Concern)
26 Nuri Kate Pusio Micropsitta pusio

Protected flora data

1 Gonystylus macrophyllus Gaharu Tanduk     II E 1,2,3,4
2 Aquillaria fillaria Gaharu Y VU II E 1,2,3
3 Nauclea papuana Rambutan Hutan       E 1,2,3
4 Eucalyptus deglupta Bush Hitam Y VU     1,2,3
5 Eucalyptus pellita Bush Putih Y       1,2,3
6 Diospyrus papuana Medang       E 1,2,3
7 Buchanania papuana       E 1,2,3
8 Adenata novoguannensis       E 1,2,3
9 Pometia coreaceae       E 1,2,3
10 Dillenia papuana Martelli       E 1,2,3
11 Anisoptera thurifera Mersawa   VU     1,2,3