Best Management Practices

With regard to the Company’s Best Management Practices, our policy is directed towards environmentally conscious use of fertilizers and the reduction of pesticides, and the management of water and waste in our operations.

We strive to reduce the use of pesticides in our operations as we realize the contribution that it plays in releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (NO2) into the air. In addition, the management of PT BIA’s water footprint is also very important and maintaining water efficiency while continuing to ensure the availability of water for both our operations and the local residents surrounding our company is vital to the Company’s strategy in managing water and waste.

Furthermore, PT.BIA has a policy on Integrated Pest Control, which protects workers from contamination from toxic materials, and the company does not use limited pesticides in Pest control.

Hebisida Quantity (lt)
Glyphosate 49.500
Metil Metsufuron 1.222
Alkylaril Poliglikol Eter 6.880
Total 57.602
FERTILIZER Quantity (kg) Quantity (Ton) Ton/Ha
Natrium 1.193.774 1.194 0,0564
Pospat 5.056.244 5.056 0,2389
Kalium 394.116 394 0,0186
Amonium Sulfat 1.941.217 1.941 0,0917
Kalium Klorida 972.680 973 0,0460
Silica 4.334 4 0,0002
Magnesium 2.100 2 0,0001
Total 9.564.465 9.564 0,4519

* Source data: JAN – AUG 2022