Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholders include persons or groups whom our operations have a significant impact on, those with a vested interest in our sustainability performance, and those in public positions who influence our activities. They include certification bodies, employees, governments, local communities, suppliers, and sustainability collaborators. Please refer to the table below which details the interests and key concerns, engagement methods employed, and key engagement outcomes for the respective stakeholder groups.

StakeholderFocusing keyPlatformsPeriodeResult
Government and RegulatorsCompliance with all government regulation
Social Responsibility
Routinely conducted in accordance with our schedulingCooperation with the government pertaining to school development projects, the construction of Pratama Health Facilities, construction of security posts, etc.
Certification BodyMeeting the certification standards of ISPO, RSPO, dan ISO.Coordination Meetings
Committee Meetings
Discussion Forums
AnnuallyConstantly active during discussions in order to obtain updated informartion on the palm oil industry’s sustainability standards
EmployeesFacilitiate employees in obtaining a safe and secure working environment
Provide healthcare benefits
Empowerment of femal workforce (Development of a Gender Committee)
Scholarships for children of employees
Bipartite Meetings
Discussion Forums
MonthlyEmployee Loyalty (decrease turn over rates)
Achieve production targets
Become a representative of Merauke in the APKASI EXPO 2022
A number of our employee’s children who received scholarships have finished their bachelor studies
Local CommunitiesCommunity Eggagement
Agronomic Support and training
Sustainability Certification
Discussion Forums
AnnuallySustainable Plasma Plantations
MeetingWhen Changes Occur100% Traceability of FFB Suppliers
OrganizationsGAPKI, Palm Oil Magazines, and other Media OutletsDiscussion ForumsHeld When NeededBecome an active member in the organization and obtain updated information on the palm oil industry