Grievance Procedure

How it works

PT BIA’s grievance procedure was established so as to enable stakeholders to address grievances they may have towards the Company and the implementation of its NDPE Policy. Parties considered to be stakeholders include our peers, buyers, suppliers government institutions, non-government organizations, and others. This mechanism is important for the overall sustainability of our operations as it allows us to monitor our NDPE implementation progress with feedback from third party stakeholders.

PT BIA will investigate all grievances and cases submitted. The cases that are presented here have been found to be eligible grievances based on our rigorous investigation process

Grievance Mechanism

This is PT.BIA’s Grievance Mechanism that is in compliance with the RSPO Complaints System to communicate with stakeholders who raise grievances including their concern, suggestion, or complaint.

The Mechanism should involve an appropriate level of management and deal with grievances in a fair, reasonable and timely manner through the understandable and transparent process that provides feedback to those concerned, whitout any retribution.

The Mechanism should be kept as simple as possible, avoiding unnecessary administrative stages. Grievances can be raised verbally to officers who then document them in a grievance log, or can be raised in writing, by email, by telephone or online through PT.BIA’s website.

Submit Grievance

Grievances can be submitted through any of the following channels:

By email to

By telephone to

+62 21 8-86 4070

By messaging the following local mobile numbers via SMS or WhatsApp

These hotlines are available during and outside office hours

In writing to

Pacific Century Place Building Level 17,
SCBD lot 10 Jln Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta 12190

Grievance Log

Grievance Raiser