22 October 2021
Noken Display at Pon XX Papua 2021
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UNESCO has designate the Noken, a traditional woven bag mostly found in Indonesia’s Papua region, in as an intangible cultural heritage since 2012. This is certainly a matter of pride for the people of Papua and has also attracted the attention of PT Bio Inti Agrindo (PT.BIA) to support the making of authentic Papuan Noken bags as an activity for community empowerment in the original villages (Selil Village, Kindiki Village and Muting Village District)

Through PT BIA's gender committee, Noken business groups were formed, provided with guidance, business capital, and a business group account. In addition, PT.BIA tried to provide support in achieving wider market access. Coinciding with the activities of the National Sports Week (PON PAPUA XX 2021), finally by going through a rigorous selection from the PON Grand Committee of the socio-economic sub-sector, the Noken business group got a special stand at the Home Base in the courtyard of the Merauke Regent's office to sell and showcase their work on October 5-14, 2021.

In addition to that, the Gender Committee of PT BIA also helped create an online sales system to achieve Sustainable Market, so that not only could their work be sold during PON, but now their work can also be made available through marketplaces such as (Tokopedia, It is by of this method that we hope to realize the goal of community empowerment through the making of Noken, namely by way of their skills and culture the families are capable of increasing their income and economic welfare for individuals and groups.

Maria Mahuze, who is the head of the group, said "I am happy to be able to participate in this activity, in addition to highlighting authentic Papuan culture, we were also taught many things about conducting business, digital learning, and tips for success and immediately dove in to sell the Noken bags that we made."

The Noken business group assisted by the PT BIA Gender Committee is aplty named (1) ENOH which means "Noken" from Selil Village (2) MEYUNAF which means "Let's Walk" from Muting Sub-district Village, and (3) MAH MAY KMA KA which means "Let's Try" from Kindiki Village. From these names, the villagers hope that the empowerment activity of making Noken bags will be the catalyst for the development of economic activities in their village.