21 December 2020
Water Facilities for Local Village
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Happiness can be seen on the faces of the people who live in Selil Village, Ulilin District, Merauke Regency, Papua. Based on the results of social survey activities carried out by the company in collaboration with independent parties, it is known that to meet the needs of water so far the Selil village community has to travel a distance of ± 1 kilo to a natural well using a bucket that is carried. This is because each house does not have water wells to meet needs for clean water sources (bathing, washing, cooking and drinking). Plus, because it comes from nature, the availability of water cannot be ensured, especially since natural wells will dry up during the dry season.

As of November 2020, finally 128 residents who live in Selil village can enjoy clean water that flows directly to their respective taps. The Bore Well facility development program along with its installation was initiated by PT Bio Inti Agrindo as a tangible manifestation of the company's concern for the surrounding community which is in line with the principle of corporate citizenship adopted by POSCO International as the parent company of PT Bio Inti Agrindo.

The initial survey of this activity was carried out by the Company in July 2020, followed by discussions with the community in developing a plan to build a water source facility. It was agreed that the project will use local labor from the Selill village community itself, transporting materials from the city to the village using river transportation (Speed Boat) owned by the community rented by the Company. The water tower built has a capacity of 4,400 liters with a distribution network that flows to 47 houses in Selil village. By involving the community as labor, it is expected to raise public awareness to maintain the facilities that have been built.

In the future, the village development program will continue to be realized, including the provision of fair and transparent scholarships for underprivileged children and also improving village health facilities.