Public Consultation: Community Development and Nature Conservation in South Papua Province, Merauke Regency, Ulilin and Muting Districts

26 June 2023
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Merauke - The local government of Merauke and PT Bio Inti Agrindo (PT BIA) have established a strategic partnership for community development and environmental conservation. Through the second public consultation activity held today, it is hoped that the parties can share in their respective roles in order to achieve the common goal of making Merauke a gate of healthy, intelligent, and prosperous communities.

Public consultation of social activities and conservation programs was held on Monday 26 June 2023, at Halogen Hotel, Merauke. This activity was attended by the Education Office, Health Office, Village Community Empowerment Office, representatives of Village Heads, Indigenous Peoples Institutions, Religious Leaders and community leaders, the DPMPTSP (Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service Office), BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Center), the Food Security Office, Yasanto Polytechnic, Musamus University and other participants.

In this Public Consultation activity (26/6), we hoped to inform the results of activities throughout the period of 2022, receive aspirations and input from stakeholders and synergize the activities of the Merauke Regency Government with PT BIA in implementing the program in the coming year so as to ensure our planned programs are right on target and fully realized in the field in accordance with local community needs.

At the event’s opening, a prayer was held and Pastor Hengki aprayed that every good intention carried out together would receive God's blessing and that his prayers would be answered. Furthermore, Pastor Hengki said that "GOD gave the mandate to manage the earth" the beautiful land of Papua to be managed through economic development and environmental conservation programs in collaboration with the Merauke Regional Government and PT BIA. "May God always give blessings and grant all good wishes, for the welfare of the people of the land of Papua," said Pastor Hengki praying.

The Secretary of Merauke, represented by Mr. Jeremias Ndiken, delivered his remarks and hopes "the Malind community will have smart children, so that they can build the city of Merauke" and also the distribution of plasma profits by of sharing  to ensure it is used properly by the communities, divided, set aside for savings. That was the message from Mr. Sekda for the Malid community. 

Mr. Yanto Dawenan as General Manager and Representative of PT BIA, said that this activity is part of PT BIA's commitment as a sustainable company, requiring support from stakeholders so that the activities planned for 8 villages are well implemented.

Aiming as a follow-up to the strategic partnership between the Merauke Regional Government and PT BIA which was carried out in June 2022, on this occasion PT BIA was represented by Mr. Resit Sozer as Program Manager, conveyed the developments that have been carried out for one year, including socio-cultural and economic studies conducted together with Yasanto Merauke Polytechnic. "This baseline study will be used as a benchmark/indicator of success in the program’s implementation," said Resit Sozer in his presentation.

The implementation of community development and environmental conservation programs will focus on Muting and Ulilin Districts in eight (8) villages, namely Selil, Kindiki, Pachas, Muting, Boha, Kolam, Wan and Selauw Villages. In addition, the Education Office also presented the results of the education baseline using the national education standards (SNP) which had been carried out in May 2023, followed by a presentation of the results of the health baseline conducted under the MOU between PT BIA and NPFPA (National Population and Family Planning Agency). The assessment was conducted on April 2023 by the Muting Health Center and PT BIA’s Clinic supervised by the Health Office by conducting screening and interviews to determine the targets for nutrition improvement/supplementary Feeding.

One of the programs that supports the prevention of stunting, as one of the issues receiving national priority that have been launched by President Jokowi in the 2020-2024 National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN), a national reduction target being set  from a rate 24.4% in 2021 to 14% in 2024. For additional information, stunting is a chronic nutritional problem due to a lack of nutritional intake for long periods, resulting in the disruption of growth in children.

This program is carried out by providing additional food/supplementary food (PMT) for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children under the age of five (toddlers). The hope is that through PMT, the lives of mothers and children will become more prosperous and free of stunting. "The PMT program will be given to targets that have been identified in eight villages, with the hope that mothers and children will be free from stunting," said Doctor Wawang Tirtana and Resit explaining this year's health program plan. In addition, officers will also provide socialization on clean and healthy lifestyles as well as nutritional information in mentoring activities for the next 12 months.

The results of PT BIA’s collaboration with P3MD (Village Community Development and Empowerment Program) have also succeeded in forming Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMK) in 3 villages in 2023, namely Selil, Kindiki and Muting Villages to serve as pilots for local business management, socialization of BUMK formation, and the preparation of articles of association and village deliberations have been carried out in May 2023 by TAPM (Village Facilitator Expert Pre-Task Training Module) P3MD, TPP Muting District and Ulilin District as well as PT Bio Inti Agrindo.