PT BIA was awarded blue PROPER - first palm plantation in South Papua

08 August 2023
PT BIA Receiving the PROPER Blue Certification
PT BIA Representatives in Attendance
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Tuesday 8 August 2023 – The Governor of South Papua, Apolo Safanpo presented the 2021-2022 Corporate Performance Rating Assessment Program in environmental management (PROPOER) award from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) to PT Bio Inti Agrindo (BIA) thus becoming the first company operating in South Papua to receive PROPER Blue certification. The ceremony for the presenting of the PROPER Blue certification by the Governor of South Papua was received directly by the representative Management of PT BIA, Mr. Cho Seung Ryong at the state building of the governor's office of South Papua province Jalan Trikora Merauke, Monday.

The Governor of South Papua, Apolo Safanpo in his speech congratulated and wished success for these to two companies in South Papua who won the PROPER Blue certification, namely PT BIA in the palm oil sub-sector and PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Fuel Termina Merauke in the oil and gas distribution sub-sector. "On behalf of the provincial government of South Papua, we congratulate and wish success to PT BIA who have tried to consistently show commitment to environmental management," he said. "With this award, it is hoped that more companies will become agents of change, especially by involving stakeholders to help protect the environment and reduce negative impacts," he said.

On the same occasion, Head of the South Papua Province Forestry and Land Environment Office (KLHK), Jujuk Irianto explained, PROPER is an Indonesian KLHK program that encourages the business world to improve its environmental management performance which continues and undergoes a continuous improvement process in accordance with scientific developments. "The goal is to encourage industrial compliance with laws and regulations in the field of life management," he said. Meanwhile, Irfan as Environment manager of PT BIA expressed his gratitude to the Acting Governor of South Papua and the South Papua Province LHKP Office for the awarding of the Blue PROPER award. He said that PT BIA has been participating in PROPOER since 2020 until now. This time PT BIA obtained the blue PROPER result for the second time, which means that it obeys the environmental regulations promoted by the Indonesian government. "PT BIA has committed to carry out environmental management and utilization of the impacts arising from PT BIA's operational activities," he said.