PT. BIA Takes the Stage at the Annual RSPO Round Table 2023

20 November 2023
Mr. Hyun Chang Seop, the CEO of PT. BIA giving his speech
Audience in attendance
Guests and customers visiting PT. BIA's booth
PT. BIA's team hosting the booth
PT. BIA's upper management visiting the booth
Customer purchasing Noken
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Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakata November 2023 – PT BIA was a key contributor for this year’s RSPO Round Table. It was an excellent opportunity for the Company to showcase its achievements to the palm oil industry and to the world at large. Throughout the 3-day event from 20 – 22 November 2023, PT BIA opened a booth in order to highlight its programs pertaining to environmental management and corporate social responsibility.

Our FIAT program (Forest Integrity Assessment Tools) showcases the tools we developed for species monitoring (drones, staff patrols, assistance from the local communities), vegetation analysis, and land mapping with many visitors expressing their interest in our program. Our booth looped a video detailing our HCV program and the rich wildlife within our conservation area. In addition to environmental management, our community social development programs pertaining to assistance in education, healthcare, and economic welfare also drew considerable attention. An important aspect of our social development programs was the display of Noken bags for sale at the booth. Videos on our screen told the story of how Noken are made and how they are an integral part of Papuan culture, especially for the women. Many visitors were impressed by the craftsmanship that many chose to purchase the Noken. We informed them that they would be contributing greatly to the financial wellbeing of the local villages due to the proceeds from every purchase being sent back to the indigenous communities in Papua that made these bags. 

On the third day of the event, President Director of PT BIA, Mr. Hyun Chang Seop gave a presentation to the attendees on the various achievements and goals of PT BIA. This included its HCV management, operational management, palm oil yield (32 tons of CPO per hectare), education for indigenous peoples, and many more. The Director closed his presentation with a declaration of sustainability’s positive impact on the palm oil sector and PT BIA’s support for RSPO’s Partners for the Next 20 initiative.