06 October 2022
2022 Volunteer medical service
2022 Volunteer medical service
2022 Volunteer medical service
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Merauke –POSCO International by way of PT BIA, has consistently carried out medical checkups, dissemination of education pertaining to sanitation and healthy living, and providing assistance on the use of medical equipment. As of this recent initiative, approximately 7000 people have been recipients of the Company’s medical benefits since 2017 and these initiatives serve to further illustrate and represent the Company’s socio-medical activities.

PT.BIA re-opened its socio-medical volunteer activities for the people of Papua, Indonesia. This activity has been routinely carried out every year since 2017, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, was temporarily put on hold for two years.

POSCO International and the Medical Volunteer Team from Korea University Ansan Hosital Rosetta Hall provided medical services in the Ulilin District, Papua for 9 days from 17 to 25 September. A total of 30 medical personnel participated in these activities including volunteers from the Eone Laboratories Foundation. Employees and local volunteer teams from PT. BIA also contributed to this event. 

During this activity, the medical volunteer team provided a variety of healthcare services including examination of thoracic, general family examinations, treatment of infectious diseases, specialists on digestive treatments and internal medicine, dental treatment, obstetric treatment, etc. to 1,891 local residents.

In addition to providing health treatments and examinations, medical volunteers also conducted separate educational dissemination activities with primary focus on dental and oral hygiene, prevention of respiratory diseases, and sex education. This is all for the purpose of enabling the surrounding community in managing their health independently by taking by adjusting to the conditions of the surrounding environment.

Renate, a local resident who received a medical consultation, revealed the difficulty of accessing a large hospital from the Ulilin District. He also expressed “I am very grateful to POSCO International and the doctors from Korea for providing treatment and explaining how to carefully maintain my health.”

Since POSCO International began operating its oil palm business in Papua in 2011, POSCO International has actively promoted a mutually beneficial relationship with the local community based on the POSCO Group management philosophy. In addition to its continuous healthcare services, PT.BIA has also established kindergartens, elementary schools, and secondary schools in the area, so that around approximately 1,000 students who had yet to receive schooling could finally receive basic education. PT.BIA also provides scholarship assistance in order support students in the continued pursuit of their studies in a stable manner.