PT BIA Provides Financial Mentoring and Training for the Local Communities

31 August 2023
PT BIA's Plasma Manager Addressing the Participants
Father Agustinus Addressing the Participants
Participants Wishing to Take Part
Attendees Listening to the Hosts
Attendees Listening to the Hosts
Attendees Listening to the Hosts
Attendees Listening to the Hosts
Attendees Listening to the Hosts
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Merauke 31 August 2023 and 01 September 2023 – PT BIA carried out training and socialization regarding family financial management and entrepreneurship for the local communities in collaboration with the South Papuan Credit Union Management. We recognize that for a number of local clans, the concept of responsibly managing one’s finances can be difficult as well as the prospect of starting businesses from scratch. It is for this reason that PT BIA decided to invite members of the local communities across our estates and provide them with training and socialization so that they may be able to secure their financial futures.

The concept of managing finances responsibly can be difficult, as can starting a business from scratch. For this reason, PT BIA decided to collaborate with a local financial institution, starting with a brainstorming session involving the local communities surrounding the company, in the hope of helping them secure their financial future through an approach that appeals to their cultural tendencies.

Those in attendance from PT BIA’s side include Miss Renate R.T. Rahaor (Sustainability) and Mr. Nanda Arviansyah (Plasma Manager). Aside from the above, Father Agustinus K. Wolomasi Pr., hundreds of members from the local communities, leaders of the Mahuze Clan and members of the Mandob Plasma Cooperatives were also in attendance. The training and socialization was held over two days from 31 August – 01 September 2023.

The event began with opening remarks from both Mr. Nanda Arviansyah and Father Agustinus. “We hope that the presence of the Credit Union can function as a forum to assist the local communities in managing CPCL (Prospective Farmer Prospective Location) results”, stated Mr. Arviansyah as he addressed the people in attendance. “The attendance of 560 people, with 400 of them being workers and Plasma Cooperative members, is a positive thing for the future to come.”

Father Agustinus would also chime in. “Credit unions are here to assist people in family financial management”, he remarked. “By becoming a credit union member, we are able to process finances from consumptive patterns to productive patterns so as to create a more prosperous future for younger generations and avoid poverty.”

The Credit Union offers a wide array of services, including an initial membership deposit starting from Rp500,000, compulsory savings, animha, and jowotang. In addition, there is a monthly deposit of Rp500,000, which covers member services, compulsory savings, animha, and jowotang. If there is an increase in the deposit for daily savings, this service also covers it.  

In an effort to provide more benefits to CPCL beneficiaries, different types of savings have been identified that will be available. These include Education Savings, Holiday Savings, Housing Savings, Vehicle Ownership Savings, and General Savings. This is expected to provide a variety of financial options to suit the needs of each CPCL beneficiary.

The Chairman of the Plasma Cooperative will visit the Credit Union office to discuss the financial management plan. "At the moment, we are only limited to helping plasma cooperative members to train how to manage family finances and have not focused on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship will be discussed after CPCL recipients are successfully trained in managing cooperative members' savings," said Ms. Renate Rahor during the activity held at the multipurpose halls of Estate A and Estate C.