PT. BIA Participates in National Waste Awareness Day (Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional)

23 February 2024
Employees Planting
Group Photo of Host and Participants
Employee Using Recycling Machine
Plastic Collected
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National Waste Awareness Day (Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional), observed annually in Indonesia on February 21, holds significant importance. This date was chosen to commemorate the 2005 Leuwigajah landfill disaster, which tragically claimed the lives of at least 143 people.

This year's theme, "Tackling Plastic Waste in a Productive Way," resonates with the urgent need to address plastic pollution. The event, chaired by the Merauke Regency Environmental Service (DLH), witnessed the participation of Regent Romanus Mbaraka, other State Civil Apparatus (SCA), and several local companies.

PT. Bio Inti Agrindo (BIA), represented by a member of the company's ESG Team, actively contributed to the cause. As a developing nation, Indonesia recognizes the pivotal role of educating the next generation about responsible waste management for a sustainable future.

The primary objective of this event is to raise awareness among residents about proper waste disposal and environmental protection. Notably, tree planting along the roadsides of Cigombong Merauke city symbolizes our commitment to a greener and cleaner environment.

According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), plastic waste entering aquatic ecosystems could nearly triple by 2040 without concerted efforts to combat plastic pollution. In response, since 2023, PT. BIA has actively engaged its employees in separating plastic waste at home and depositing it in the Waste Bank. In exchange for their contributions, employees receive essential food ingredients. This initiative also involves collaboration with local communities.

For the sake of a sustainable world, we advocate responsible waste management and aim to protect our precious environment.