29 April 2021
Collaboration between the Company and the Regional Government for Educational Efforts
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Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between PT.Bio Inti Agrindo (PT.BIA) and the Merauke Regency Cultural Education Office, Tuesday 28 April 2020 at the Swissbell Merauke hotel, attended by the President Director of PT.BIA Mr. Kong Byoung Sun, Regent of Merauke Drs. Romanus Mbaraka M.T, Head of Education & Culture Office Bpk. Thiasony Betaubun S.sos M.M, Head of the DPMPTSP Office Mrs. Ir. Justina Sianturi, SEKDA for general affairs, SEKDA for protocol and also the team from PT.BIA

The event began with singing the Indonesia Raya song, then the President Director give remark speech, the Merauke Regent's remarks, the signing of the MOU and closed with a group photo. This activity was carried out quite briefly and of course by complying with strict health protocols.

The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding is one of cooperation between the private sector and the government in building human capacity and educating the nation through the education, the scope of this agreement is: PT. BIA as a private party builds infrastructure, school support facilities and everything related to teaching and learning activities (kindergarten). , elementary and junior high schools) in the Ulilin district near the company which is intended for the people of the surrounding villages as well as employees' children. Henceforth the Government plays a role in providing teachers and staff at the school. In total, the schools that were collaborated consisted of 3 Kindergartens, 3 Elementary Schools and 2 Junior High Schools.

Not only that, since 2014 PT. BIA has continuously provided scholarships for native Papuan children who even at the university level.

PT. BIA General Manager Mr. Yanto Dawenan said the existence of this school really helped the local community, considering that previously the distance between houses and schools was very far. He also added that continuity and continuous improvement in the education sector can fight ignorance and increase the intelligence of future generations. In his remarks the President Director Mr. Kong Byoung Sun added that this activity was not only part of a social contribution to society but rather Corporate Citizenship where companies and society advance side by side.