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Every child has the right to get proper education, whenever they live. We are committed to eradicate Indonesian children who illiterate, we implement the commitment into a few of education program in our site concession with build school. The last 17th of July was an inauguration of TK & SD Kukumid, that was the third school built by the company and always welcome to all of children surrounding community. Two previous school are TK & SD LOO BIA dan TK & SD ISAU has been operating with capacity more than 500 students.

This inauguration was attended by secretary of Department Education and Culture Merauke, head of DPMPTSP Merauke and local NGO Yasanto (Yayasan Santo Antonius). Kukumid school has 6 class for elementary and 2 class for kindergarten, full furnished desk, chair, completed by clean toilet, library room and playground. Other then that we provide supporting facilities such as school bus who can get the students safely.

During 2019 PT BIA has given scholarship to total 94 students from Kindergarten to University and other donation such as music equipment, drum band and others. All the education program are our effort to reach UN SDG Indicator 4 (Quality Education)

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As a Palm Oil Company operating in remote area, PT Bio Inti Agrindo realized the difficulty to reach proper Health and Education facilities for communities. Therefore, we began to make it happen by established 3-unit clinics operated by professionals’ doctors & medical staff who serve outpatients, inpatient, medical check-up, maternity and immunization / other vaccines.

We have also carried out Social Activities for Health and Education since 2016 consistently, in collaboration with Posco International, Korea Ansan University Hospital, Women's Health Foundation and Seegene Medical Foundation, the event was held on July 8-11, 2019 at Ulilin District, Merauke get a great enthusiasm from communities, around 1,160 people attended this event including women and children. Several treatments that we bring in this event are General Check Up, Cholesterol, skin disease, paediatrics, prenatal care and other diseases treatment.

except free health services we held healthy living seminar with fun games for children at kindergarten and elementary school. Those are kind of positive actions carried out by the company in achieving the UN SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being).

Prevention activities such as spraying / fumigating dengue, Malaria mosquitoes, mass clean-up activities and Socialization of eco-friendly environment we do continuously, we believe that healthy is the most important things to work productively.

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