We believe that palm oil production must go hand in hand with environmental protection to bring optimal benefits to the company, the community, and the environment.

When managed properly, palm oil production does not have to generate adverse impact on the environment. Instead, a responsible palm oil company can contribute to the maintenance and improvement of environmental services within its concession. This is the foundation of our commitment to environmental preservation across our concession through best management practices.

Biodiversity & Conversation

We have made it our goal to maintain biodiversity in our concession through meticulous flora and fauna protection efforts and campaigns to raise awareness among the local community.

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Fire Mitigation

We have put a rigorous fire mitigation policy and infrastructure in place to ensure the safety of our people and the conservation of the environment in our concession.

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Waste & Water Management

As part of our sustainable operations, we have developed clear waste and water management procedures to reduce the waste we produce and ensure the availability of clean water for our operations and the local communities.

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Climate Action

We combat climate change by continuously reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our operations, while committing the necessary infrastructure and systems to tackle the difficulty posed by climate change.

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