CSR Programs

We strive to improve the welfare of the communities where we operate through continuous contribution to developments in education, healthcare, and economic infrastructure.

PT. BIA operates in a rural area where poverty is prevalent. Every day, we work to ensure that our operations generate positive impacts for the communities through the creation of job and the development of infrastructure. More importantly, we seek to directly contribute to their welfare and well-being through our CSR programs.

Our CSR programs are focused on three areas of development, which are education, healthcare, and economic infrastructure.


Community Leader (Kepala Marga)

We found a direct impact through profit sharing from PT. BIA's plasma scheme

Florentinus Mahuse

It is the Company’s responsibility to maintain the wellbeing of those it considers to be under its stewardship and it is due to this fact that we have launched a number of CSR programs.

Education Program

We believe that economic betterment cannot be achieved without the availability of quality education starting from an early age. Our education program spans the entire learning lifecycle. We provide daycare services as well as kindergarten, elementary, and secondary levels of education through the schools we have built in our three estates. These schools are accessible to the children of our employees and the communities in Merauke. We also provide scholarships for high school and tertiary education.

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Healthcare Program

Another key pillar for community development is the availability of healthcare services. We have developed clinics and integrated healthcare centers (posyandu) in the communities around our concession along with the necessary facilities such as ambulances. Through these centers, we provide medical check-ups and treatment to our workers and the local communities. We also hold regular education programs that focus on women’s and children’s health. Our healthcare services are available for all, but we prioritize those who are economically disadvantaged.

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Economic Programs

Through our operations and specific development programs, we seek to alleviate poverty and raise the living standards of the local communities in Merauke. Our economic program is focused on increasing market access for local craftsmen. We help promote the traditional Papuan woven bag noken to other Indonesian regions and international buyers, with all proceeds going to the Papuan women who hand weave them and their families.

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Infrastructure Programs

PT BIA has constructed essential public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, housing, places of worship, recreational centers for exercise and communal halls to increase accessibility to larger uban areas such as cities, providing spaces to gather and sociliaze to further creat ties between communities, and fulfilling spiritual and religious needs.

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