Collaboration to Enhance Capacity Development of Human Resources and Technology to Protect Conservation Area

06 March 2024
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training proses
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PT. Bio Inti Agrindo support Papua Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) through BKSDA Wilayah 1 Merauke to hosting Training Early Warning System of Land Fire Disaster and SMART Patrol. This activity was conducted in Halogen Hotel, Merauke, on Wednesday-Thursday, (6-7/3/2024)

This activity is a form of cooperation between the Ministry of Environmental and Forestry through BBKSDA Papua with PT. Bio Inti Agrindo to strengthen the function of Suaka Margasatwa Danau Bian/Lake Bian Wildlife Reserve, which is one of the conservation areas in Merauke Regency. This Training involved many parties, including Balai Taman Nasional Wasur, the Environmental and Land Agency of South Papua Province, the Environmental Agency of Merauke Regency, the South Papua Province Regional Disaster Management Agency, the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Merauke Regency, and PT. Bio Inti Agrindo representatives. The Head of KSDA Wilayah I Merauke, Y. Agung Widya, stated that this activity aims to increase the capacity of human resources from stakeholders as preventive efforts in protecting the conservation areas.

“Sometimes, we find some problems or threats in the conservation areas, such as forest fires, hunting, and illegal land clearing for settlement or plantation. Through the capacity development of human resources, and supported by appropriate technology, we hope that the problems or threats can be overcome and solved effectively and efficiently” Agung said.

In addition, Agung stated that in this activity, the participants obtained training to use the tools Sipongi, which is the application developed by KLHK to early detect land and forest fire disasters. Moreover, the participants also obtain refreshments by using SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool) Patrol.

SMART Patrol is a tool to monitor and report the patrol activity spatially so that it can provide data appropriately and accurately. The tool is very useful in improving the effectiveness of conservation area management, including protecting wild animals and their habitats from various pressures.

The Early Warning System and SMART Patrol training was attended by a total of 39 people with the key speakers from the Directorate General of Climate Change Control in Jayapura and the Head of the Environment, Forestry and Land Service of South Papua. After the theoretical explanation, participants directly simulated using the SMART PATROL application on a PC/laptop and on a mobile (smartphone). The simulation activity was accompanied by Victory Suggerais K and Yoel Bessoran from the PAPUA Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA). Head of BBKSDA Papua, A. G. Martana, showed gratitude to all parties who have supported this activity, especially PT. Bio Inti Agrindo

“All parties involved in this activity certainly have an honorable goal, namely protecting conservation areas, especially the Bian Lake Wildlife Reserve. With all the uniqueness of its rich biodiversity, I say that Bian Lake Wildlife Reserve is a piece of heaven that fell to earth. So, we express our deepest gratitude to all parties who have attention and concern for preserving it," said Martana. Next, the Early Warning System and SMART Patrol will be utilized in community-based patrol activities, commonly known as Community Partners for Forest Ranger (MMP) and Community Fire Care (MPA), in the Lake Bian Wildlife Reserved.