We uphold the highest standard of ethical, responsible, and sustainable practices in compliance with global and national certifications.

Our operations have been audited and assessed by reputable organizations to ensure full compliance and implementation of sustainability & health and safety standards.


PT. BIA has been an RSPO member since 2018 and became the first RSPO-certified company in Papua in September 2021.

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We received our ISPO certification in 2019. Today, we are 100% ISPO certified, including our mills and plasma plantations.

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ISO 45001:2018

PT. BIA received an ISO 45001 certification in July 2022 following an OHS audit and training for our managers and staffs.

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PT. BIA was assessed for PROPER for the first time in 2020 and awarded the Blue PROPER in December 2021.

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SPOTT conducts ESG public disclosure assessment for POSCO International using various indicators.

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