Cornerstone-Laying for the Construction of PIZZI Police Station Attended by Police Chief Merauke

Merauke- the Police Chief of Merauke, AKBP Sandi Sultan, S.I.L and Police PJU of Merauke attended the ceremony of laying the cornerstone for the construction of the PIZZI Police Station at Ulilin Dictrict, Saturday (7/16/22)

The construction of this police station is for the purpose of providing safety, security, and comfort for both the employees and the local communities residing around the company and to prevent disturbances to public order.

The event was attended by President Director of PT. BIA Mr. Hyun Chang Seop and all Managers of PT. BIA, Head of Ulilin District, Wadanramil Ulilin, Police Chief of Muting, Danki Mandom of the Indonesian Pamtas Task Force for PNG, the Chief of Indigenous Communities from EZAM Malin Guzi Enim, IMO, Malin Bian Enin, and Mahuze Milapo.

During his welcome speech, the Police Chief of Merauke AKBP Sandi Sultan,S.I.K stated that the collaboration between Merauke Police and PT. BIA was the construction of the PIZZi Police Station, providing their full support towards the construction of the Police Station.

“It is the hope that the construction of this police station can be of service to the local communities as part of the police force who will be serving here, I emphasize to always serve the community from the bottom of my heart and to instill our love for the land of Papua that we cherish, to continue to build good relations between the communities, employees, and parties in the Company’s area of operations, so that we can minimize the crime rate,” said AKBP Sandi.

The event was marked by the laying of the cornerstone by the Police Chief of Merauke, the President Director of PT. BIA, and the representatives of the Head of Indigenous Tribe.

In addition, the President Director of PT. BIA showed his gratitude to the Police Chief of Merauke Regency for his willingness to protect PT. BIA and its surroundings areas as well as to the local Indigenous Communities for their continued support as it is due to this support that the construction of the police station was made possible.

President Director of PT. BIA also stated that, “We hope to work together to create a safe, and comfortable region, both for employees and the local communities”.

However, maintaining the safety and comfort of a region is a shared responsibility not only for the police. Therefore, the cooperation between employees, the local communities and the police is important in the creation of a safe, comfortable, and orderly region.