Environment Management

Environmental responsibility is the top priority for PT. BIA's business in palm oil as a corporate citizen.
Socially responsible investors and stakeholders worldwide are advocating the importance of enhancing environmental responsibility in palm oil businesses. PT. BIA, as an environmentally responsible company, listens to the stakeholder's requests and promotes eco-friendly management as follows.



The people of PT. BIA are fully aware of the values attached to the preservation of Papua area in Indonesia. In April 2009, consulting firm "CV. Bahana Papua Mandiri" performed environmental impact assessment (“AMDAL – Analisis Mengnai Dampak Lingkungan”) and the result was approved by the state of Merauke. In case of AMDAL, Environmental Management Plan (“RPL–Rencana Pengelolaan Lingkungan”) and Environmental Monitoring Plan (“Rencana Pemantauan Lingkungan (RPL)”) must be submitted together. Since H2 2014, PT. BIA has submitted RKL and RPL reports to Merauke State Government, Forest Service at Papua, Department of Environment and Forest Preservation and Indonesian government. In addition to the AMDAL, PT. BIA engaged a consultant from March 2015 to February 2017 to survey a diverse of species, biodiversity areas. In 2015, PT. BIA has already excluded and delineated the biodiversity areas so that these are not affected by any development activities.



In addition to Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Monitoring Plan  which are required by
the Government of Indonesia, PT. BIA has been conducting High Conservation Value Area(“HCVA”) assessment
according to RSPO regulation. Although PT. BIA is still in the process of conducting additional evaluations on HCVA,
PT. BIA has set aside and managed to delineate HCVAs in order to preserve the areas which should not be converted into
palm plantation area. Employees are fully informed of not entering into the HCVAs. In addition, PT. BIA has already
complied the list and photos of rare and endangered species and distributed it to each division. PT. BIA prohibits
capturing of these species during farm work.



BIA prohibits burnings during farm developments (ground-leveling stage) to avoid potential risks on local communities and the environment due to unwanted fire. PT. BIA has developed a management procedure to prevent burnings, which must be followed by not only ground-leveling workers but also by all employees.

Each estate has its own fire prevention team and "no burning" signs are installed at fully developed operating sites to enhance awareness among the staff members. In addition, on-site supervisors are on a constant watch for fire.


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