Corporate Social Responsibility

PT. BIA seeks co-existence with the local community, which is the very foundation of our business operation. We engage a wide range of social contribution activities to develop and promote the value of local communities. We will grow with the stakeholders in the local community by making social contributions closely attached to the community.


Principle of Social Contribution

Since its foundation, PT. BIA has advocated a mission to make our business contribute to creating shared values with local communities, and has organized various social contribution programs that truly engage the local communities. Under the principles of Sustainability, Responsibility, and  Transparency, PT. BIA aims to participate in creating practical values for local communities.


PT. BIA makes social contributions in consideration of sustainability of future sources.

PT. BIA takes responsibility of the actions to build greater trust with the stakeholders.

PT. BIA discloses social contributions with transparency to prevent potential conflicts with the stakeholders that may arise from information asymmetry.


Four Major Pillars of PT. BIA Social Contribution Program

BIA develops and operates social contribution programs that can help local stakeholders create greater values.

PT. BIA provides social contributions to bring higher social values to the communities in terms of economy, health, education and social activity support to improve the quality of life for local people.

Health and Medical Support

Education Support

Financial Support

Economic Independence Support



Health and Medical Support

PT. BIA established a hospital within the farm to provide better accessibility to the workers and local residents. PT. BIA also offers basic medical support and insurance to our employees. We strive to improve well-being of the local community by providing financial support to local residents without a health insurance if necessary. PT. BIA provides medical support to local communities in partnership with the state government of Merauke. For patients unable to be treated within our capacity, we provide transportation to external hospitals along with a mall sum of medical fee.

1. HIV AIDS Prevention and Management

PT. BIA provided fundamental medical background overview of HIV/AIDS to the employees and local residents, and conducted HIV/AIDS test. PT. BIA is now equipped with foundation to provide better healthcare support for local residents and consistent follow-up cares.

2. Medical Support for Pregnant, Women and Infants

There have been increasing supports to improve health conditions for infants nationally and abroad, and PT. BIA is also taking the lead. We provided medical support for child birth and care (44 cases in 2015 and 9 cases as of June 2016), and organized improvement in nutrition and healthcare for infants (84 case in 2015 and 168 cases as of June 2016).

Infant Treatment
PT. BIA supports medical treatments for infants with local clinics
Infant Examination
PT. BIA examines health of local children to constantly monitor their conditions
Child Care Support
PT. BIA provides medicines and baby products to local communities to support their child care

3. Vaccination and other Medical Support

PT. BIA helped local residents get vaccinated to prevent diseases in advance, and monitors disease updates on a regular basis.

4. Medical Satisfaction Survey

PT. BIA conducted a survey on hospital visitors to study the current status of hospital visits and establish improvement plans. As a result, 61% of the respondents were highly satisfied with medical services provided by PT. BIA. 69% of the respondents said that they had visited a local hospital before and 50% received assistance for their visit (such as transportation). In addition, 38% of the respondents participated in PT. BIA's medical consultation program (such as HIV/AIDS, infant health, hygiene).

5. Consultation

PT. BIA offers consultation for psychological relief and stipends for local residents who suffer accidents or otherwise experience difficulties.


Education Support

PT. BIA offers scholarships to local residents attending elementary, middle, and high schools and university in order to enhance our educational support to students with excellent performance. HR specialists at PT. BIA assess the applications based on their attendance and performances and select beneficiaries accordingly. Moreover, we offer employment opportunities to the selected recipients, and provide an internship program in partnership with vocational schools in Papua. We expect these activities will expand educational capability of the local communities and become the foundation for PT. BIA to grow more competitive. PT. BIA offered scholarships to 67 students in 2015-2017 and regularly monitors academic performances of the recipients.

1. Educational Facilities and Training Specialists

PT. BIA operates schools within the farms to help provide necessary education to children and youth. We train experts such as teachers to make the education program effective.

2. Education Support Program

BIA offers education and other special programs for local residents to help them increase sociality and develop potentials. Employees at PT. BIA receive separate training on delivering social contribution to local communities more effectively.

Sports Events
Sports events hold for the local residents to participate
Fire Prevention Workshop
PT. BIA holds workshops for local residents to spread fire Prevision and how to react in real case
Improving Local Capability
Local residents have been trained on storing food and preventing infections such as drying fish.

2017 Scholarship Applications


Financial Support

Local residents had been experiencing difficulties in securing infrastructure for economic activities and sanitary facilities at the time when PT. BIA began the farm development. PT. BIA is continuously expanding infrastructure for local communities to vitalize their economic activities while providing financial supports for stable independence.

Food Resources Supply

PT. BIA continues to provide groceries such as rice, oil, and sugar to support the lives of local communities based on their economic status

Vehicle Supply

PT. BIA provides transportation to support economic and social activities of local people, in consideration of current status in Papua and Merauke. We provide vehicles (car, motorcycle, etc.), fuel, and other financial supports related to transportation (rental fee, etc.). Also, we provide local communities with construction materials and other supplies (power saw and tools).



Economic Independence Support

PT. BIA believes that one time supply is not the best solution for the community. Therefore, PT. BIA has established a variety of support activities to help social and economic living of local residents.

Below activities are written according to an order of necessity for the community members to build their ability of economic independence.

1. Education

Farming Education : BIA provides regular farming education to local residents. Ten local residents who benefited from our education now run their own farms based on the course’s contents. If the farming education program leads to improved capability of local farmers, it will also contribute to the local economy with enhanced productivity and effectiveness. Our farming experts run these courses.

Meat Processing Education : BIA invites special instructors to provide courses on meat processing for local residents. We host female instructors, promoting financial independence for females.

2. Consultation

PT. BIA consistently communicates with different stakeholder groups to support substantial economic growth in local communities. In addition, we monitor economic activities of local residents and offer professional advice.

Social Contribution Program Affiliated with POSCO-Daewoo

PT. BIA has planned and delivered medium- and long-term volunteer programs every year in medical and educational fields with POSCO-Daewoo since 2015.


Medical Support

Through the headquarter office’s social contribution programs,
PT. BIA has established a fundamental medical record system in tandem with Abicha Medika health center, including issuing personal medical record card, to improve local medical welfare. PT. BIA provides annual health examination and aims to combat diseases of local residents by consulting the local medical staff. In particular, we provide regular check-ups via the local healthcare centers to prevent hazardous diseases such as Malaria and HIV. Furthermore, we enhance awareness of the local residents on health and hygiene with relevant education, and provide health education materials and hygiene items.

Education Support

Through the headquarter office’s social contribution programs,
PT. BIA has designed a number of education programs, including extra-curricular activities after school, in cooperation with SD Negara BIA-1 to improve local education environments. PT. BIA dispatches a volunteer group once a year to help music, art, and sports classes after school, and enables the local teachers to lead the classes based on the program training. Moreover, we offer opportunities to experience cultural diversity, such as showing movies on a projector, to students with little access to such activities.


March 2016 POSCO DAWOO Donates Medical Equipment and Education Supplies

August - September 2016 POSCO DAEWOO Lends Medical and Educational Helping Hand to Indonesia’s Local Community

November 2016 POSCO DAWOO Donates Medical Treatment Supplies

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